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March 2006 - Bernie Richards
'Society Orchestra' leader Bernie Richards (not to be confused with that other 'chap' with the same last name!) with an early '60s Guild A-500 in Sunburst. Don't have the slightest idea who Bernie Richards is or was; don't even know what a 'Society Orchestra' would look or sound like. It's a cool photo though from a period when the acoustic archtop was already on the way out.

Update: I received a message from Ronald Richards, the son of Bernie Richards, who gave me the following information:

Bernie Richards was in 'Gable and Lombard', 'Shampoo' and had a record called 'Society is my Beat'. He played for five presidents and was one of Los Angeles's most famous society band leaders until his death in January 1979. He was my father and was a very popular member of the Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Los Angeles community. Former President Reagan was one of his best clients as well as other elite in Los Angeles such as the Doheny Family, the Davis family, and other tycoons.
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