Guild Guitars
the official Guild company website
J K Lutherie
The ultimate store for all your needs in books and videos about guitars, guitar history and guitar playing. Loads of other stuff too.
Let's Talk Guild
a friendly forum where you can discuss everything related to Guild guitars
Dark Star Pickups
Dark Star Pickups by Fred Hammon / Hammon Engineering: Recreating the Hagstrom single coil bass pickup used on Hagstrom Coronado IV, Guild Starfire and M-85 basses.
Walker Guitars
If I had to go back to just one guitar .......... my Walker would be the one I would keep!
UNCOMMON SOUND - The Left-Handed Guitar Players That Changed Music
THE BOOK ON LEFT-HANDED GUITAR PLAYERS AND LEFTY GUITARS All you ever wanted to know about lefty guitars and left-handed guitar players, now brought to you in a magnificent double volume luxury anthology written by John Engel.

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